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About SAIF Care

As a funeral director you will often see people at the start of their journey of grief and know that their feelings of loss and sadness don’t end with the funeral. There is a growing need for those struggling to come to terms with their loss to seek support following the death of someone close.

That is why SAIF Care was launched in 2018, in partnership with SAIF and Professional Help, to enable SAIF Funeral Directors to go above and beyond for bereaved people that are in their care to ensure that they get the support and advice they need at life’s most difficult times. By providing support early on you can be assured that you are helping many people through their grief journey.

SAIF Care is now used far and wide by funeral directors across the UK who now offer this exclusive service to bereaved people. If you are not yet offering SAIF Care to your clients please do get in touch to find out how you can help bereaved people in your care.

A SAIF Funeral Director benefit

SAIF Care is a bereavement support service available for clients of all full SAIF Funeral Directors who are over the age of 18 and wish to access bereavement support. The service is open Monday-Friday 9am-9pm (excluding Bank Holidays) and includes:

  • Helpline on Freephone 0800 917 7224
  • Email at
  • SAIF Care Chat* – an online webchat which provides emotional support for bereaved people from trained bereavement counsellors

*The SAIF Care Chat box is available to link to on your Funeral Director website, if you would like to, via the SAIF or Funeral Advice websites.

Alternatively, If you would like to embed the SAIF Care Chat box on to your website, there is a monthly subscription fee. However, if you set up a Counselling Fund with Professional Help Limited to provide counselling sessions for your clients, we will waive the subscription.

If you have any queries about the above or you've not yet set up a Counselling Fund for your clients and would like to know more please contact us.

SAIF Members

‘I was fortunate enough to have 4 counselling sessions and feel very grateful to all at Crosbie Matthew as I was able to access the support that I needed at a time when I most needed it. The support offered was very person centred and flexible and all of my contact with the staff at SAIF Care was very positive. My experience was particularly appreciated at a challenging time for lots of people and support services, and I am not confident that I would have been able to access such high quality tailor made support anywhere else.’

Bereaved client of Crosbie Matthew Funeral Director Services.

How you can promote SAIF Care to the families that use your funeral service

Talk to all your staff and ensure they know the service exists and they understand what is available from your funeral services.

Talk to all your customers about the service.

Have the SAIF Care leaflets printed and send out with your company information (see below).

Create a new web page on your website and include information from the document 'Website Text for Funeral Directors' via the link below. (Note: The SAIF Care website is Copyrighted © and should not be embedded in whole or part onto your website).

Install the SAIF Care Chat box on the 'SAIF Care' information page of your website (contact us for details).

Send a press release article to your local press (see example below).

Follow SAIF Care on Facebook and Twitter and mention us in your social media posts.  

Frequently asked questions

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