Information for SAIF Members

A SAIF Member Benefit

SAIF Care is a bereavement support service which includes:

  • SAIF Care Helpline on Freephone 0800 917 7224.
  • SAIF Care Email
  • SAIF Care Chat – an online webchat that provides emotional support for bereaved people and instant access to trained bereavement counsellors online

SAIF Care is a member benefit to all full SAIF member funeral companies. SAIF Care is available to clients who are over the age of 18, of all full SAIF Members who wish to access bereavement support. This is a significant step forward ensuring that independent funeral directors are leading the way in providing access to bereavement care in their communities.

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An introduction to SAIF Care

'The client has spoken to me about the positive impact the counselling sessions are having on them'

How you can promote SAIF Care to the families that use your funeral service

Talk to all your staff and ensure they know the service exists and they understand what is available from your funeral services.

Talk to all your customers about the service.

Have the leaflets printed and send out with your company information (see below).

Have the SAIF Care service information and the SAIF Care logo on your website (see below).

Install the SAIF Care Chat Box on your website (see below).

Link to this website from your website –

Pop an article in your local press (see example below).

Follow SAIF Care on Facebook and Twitter and mention us in your social media posts.  

Useful Information for Members

'Why are more Funeral Directors not using this service?'

Funeral Directos FAQ

'I must promote this service...those I have spoken to about it have contacted you and have had great things to say'