SAIF Care Counselling Fund

The SAIF Care service changed as of 1st January 2020 to become a core member benefit of SAIF, which means that now all SAIF-member businesses can use our helpline and email services free of charge, but unfortunately counselling is no longer provided as part of the free service.

We are inviting SAIF members, who would like to continue to offer free counselling to their clients, the opportunity to set up a bereavement counselling fund, whereby the business allocates an amount of funding that can be used to pay for counselling as the need arises and which can be topped up throughout the year. You may also wish to fundraise for this service if you usually hold events and challenges through the year if that would help your business to support more bereaved people to benefit from counselling.

When you express interest in setting up a fund, one of our team will help you to work out how much of a fund you are likely to need. Feel free to give us a call for a quick, no-obligation chat. We then stay in close contact to advise how the fund is being used. Clearly, you can add to this or stop funding counselling as necessary as we go through the year - and if the fund isn't spent, it's returned to you.

If you'd like to discuss taking out a counselling fund, please email us on or call us on Tel: 0800 917 7224.