Bereavement and grief

person giving someone a hug

Grief is not an illness. But we know that if a bereaved person continues to struggle with their loss and is not able to access good support at the right time, then it can sometimes become a health issue. There is simply not enough bereavement support available in our local communities; no matter how many…

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Baby Loss Awareness Week

Every day in the UK, 15 babies die during birth or shortly after. As well as my role managing our GriefChat service, I am also a bereavement care trainer for Sands, the stillbirth and neonatal death charity. I go to hospitals and teach midwives, neonatal nurses and other health professionals how they can best care…

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Let’s talk about death

I’ve been thinking about death a lot recently. Just saying that to people has been met with a few strange looks, some uncomfortable shuffling, and rapid changes of subject. But why? It’s life’s only true certainty, and yet many of us approach the fact with an attitude somewhere on the scale between cheerful fingers-in-ears denial…

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